3D Printer manufacturing

360 labs, Sri Lanka’s first to manufacture 3D printers in business scale and first to introduce a 5ft 3D printer to Sri Lankans.

We manufacture high-quality FDM 3D printers for an affordable price. Built with a user-friendly interface which makes the operations lot easier. No special knowledge or experience is needed to operate our printers.
Currently, three models have been introduced to the market by us. 360 Mini, 360 Max, 360 Pro.
360 Mini is a basic, portable printer great for beginners.

360 Max is great for advanced users.

360 Pro is suitable for large scale 3D model printing.

Customized 3D printer manufacturing is available for the customers who need their 3D printer to be different from others.

3D printing and 3D designing

We offer one of kind 3D printing with the highest quality available at the most reasonable price. You can also receive our service to convert your idea into a 3D design. Then you can print that item.

We use PLA, ABS, TPU materials in our products, so your product will have the exact characteristics you want to have.

To receive our service visit our showroom or simply upload your 3D design to our website, or upload a photo of your sketch drawing (for us to complete the 3D design) Then we will complete your need in a flash


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